Jonas Alexandersson

Founder & CXO

As the founder of GetWhy, Jonas created the first concept and thought behind what later became GetWhy back in 2007, after discovering that companies born out of digital technology needed more empathy in their decision-making, and how agile and fast ways of working had slowly led companies to lose touch with their consumers. As a result, he's worked hard to make Why Insights more accessible and ensure that it doesn't get lost in the sea of Excel sheets and Big Data. With Empathy, Development, and Experiences being the 3 cornerstones in Jonas' life, he enjoys putting himself in the shoes of others and visiting places with an impact on human history.

Latest Articles from Jonas Alexandersson
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AI in qualitative research

Revolutionizing qualitative research: Why at Scale with technology

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Putting the “Why” before the “How” in AI: Solving problems, not chasing technology trends

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