Create with Them Instead of For Them: The Future of Consumer-led Marketing

As we navigate 2024, it’s time to question if consumer relevance and marketing outcomes should solely rely on the mountains of quantitative, analytics and social data. A look back In 2008, I found myself at the forefront of leveraging the booming social media landscape for brand value—a topic on everyone’s lips back then. Initially, many […]

Making it Easy to Share Insights to Your Organization: A Game Changer for Business Impact

As the Chief Product Officer at GetWhy, I’ve participated in countless meetings with our amazing clients, stakeholders, industry peers, and at conferences. One thing that echoes over and over again is the desire to more seamlessly be able to share insights throughout the organization. Consumer understanding is the secret sauce that turns good products into […]

GetWhy featured in the latest Gartner report

User research platforms - Gartner report

Gartner, the renowned technology and research consulting firm, mentioned GetWhy as one of the providers to look out for in their recently published ”Market Guide for User Research Platforms”. The paper dives into the factors you should take into consideration when choosing an Insights vendor to successfully collect user Insights quickly and at scale. There’s […]

Sonar becomes GetWhy

For over a decade, our mission has remained unchanged: to help decision-makers uncover those vital “aha moments” from their consumers. Our product philosophy is simple: Insight users want actions that create value. Knowing What is just the start; understanding Why is the key to value creation.

GetWhy acquires Preely

We are thrilled to announce yet another milestone in our journey – the acquisition of Preely. This strategic move cements our commitment to revolutionising the consumer insights industry.