Next Generation AI

Providing the world’s fastest and most powerful insights

At GetWhy, we are dramatically transforming the concept of insights generation 
and empowering the world's leading companies.

Meet Bloom

Hire the world’s first AI-powered Consumer Insights Specialist, that is capable of running infinite simultaneous studies, recruiting & interviewing real consumers in a video based format, and generating actionable insights in less than a day.

5 years in the making, built by our data science experts, researchers, anthropologists, and engineers to facilitate endless video-based interviews.

Bloom is trained on more than 250,000+ qualitative sessions and connected to more than 150+ million consumers worldwide.




More cost efficient

On par

With human craftsmanship


Interview based format

Bringing 150+ of the world's leading companies closer to their consumer

Get closer to your consumer with Bloom

Bloom introduces a new way of working with Consumer Interviews allowing you to rapidly facilitate video-based interviews to get the answers to your most urgent business questions—without the risks, hassle, or need for implementation and subscriptions.

Understand your consumer's needs and preferences

Discover what your customer's core needs are and how they behave in order to capture demand.

Collaborate and iterate with your consumer

Reduce time to market and optimize early-stage ideas and hypotheses to enhance consumer appeal

Boost your ROI with consumer-led feedback

Assess how your campaign material is received by your consumer's and where to optimize before launching

Spend your time on value creation instead of insight creation

Bloom delivers immediate business value by reducing the time spent on creating insights. 
With the same input, you’ll create more, better, and faster insights for your teams, 
so you can focus on socializing and sharing actionable insights to your organization.
Create study brief

Define your target audience and describe the objective of your study and the business questions it aims to answer.

Data collection

Bloom recruits and conducts video-based interviews with your target audience from a base of 150+ million people.


Bloom identifies relevant consumer quotes correlating to business questions.

Insights creation

Bloom constructs actionable insights and writes key-takeaways.

Start value creation

Share insights with your organization.

Quality on par with human craftsmanship

Bloom is powered by our unbiased and structured proprietary Gen AI, developed over the past 5 years across +250.000 qualitative sessions, to deliver best-in-class insights through our video-based end-to-end solution.
GPT vs. Human vs. Bloom


Metric Readabiltiy


A new era of qualitative research

With four cornerstones: Empathy, Speed, Cost, and Sharing, enabled by advanced technology, our approach is revolutionizing qualitative research, giving you the most powerful insights ever.

The power of empathy

Our video-based, think-out-loud format puts you directly in front of your audience, so you can get a stronger bond with your consumer.

The power of speed

We managed to speed up the process of qualitative research to as little as 4 hours, without losing the quality.

The power of cost

Cost-efficiency not only lets you meet an increased demand for insight, but also lets you reinvest in your marketing efforts.

The power of sharing

We made it easier than ever to distribute insights and empathy throughout your organization, so you can share insights with anyone

Industry-leading security practices

Our security complies with and exceeds the widely accepted security standards. Our solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your compliance needs, and we have implemented stringent security measures at both the architectural and operational levels to ensure the safety of your data.

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