Boost your ROI with consumer-led feedback

Marketers often operate within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. The traditional methods of quantitative analysis don’t cut it when it comes to the nuanced understanding of consumers’ needs today, especially in the critical final stages of campaign ideation and rollout. 

That’s where the strategic value of consumer insights comes into play. Our qualitative video-based actionable insights have revolutionized the way creative development and marketing assets are created and perfected. 

By integrating rapid consumer feedback you can conduct a swift pre-test of your campaign, to ensure your creative collateral is optimized for impact. Our actionable insights help you make those crucial last-minute edits and can even validate your distribution strategies, so you’re confident before committing to media buying.

By understanding what resonates with the consumer, you’ll make informed decisions in real-time from late-stage ideation to the point of deployment. This allows you to allocate more resources to successful strategies and scale back and eliminate elements that are not performing well before they go public, saving you money on media spend. This not only reduces the risk of campaign failure but also makes you achieve higher engagement and increased conversion rates. With optimized marketing spend, the return on investment naturally improves.

3 ways to use consumer feedback in creative development

Consumer-led video & TV ads

Before committing substantial budgets to TV and Video Commercial slots, you can now involve rapid consumer feedback at several stages of the creative process. Iterate together all the way from concept, storyboard, and animatic to the final film. By capturing consumers' immediate reactions and thoughts before a film goes live, you not only save precious resources, but you and your team can see firsthand what captivates, what misses the mark, and more crucially, why.

Pre-launch campaigns

By assessing how pre-launch campaign material is received by consumers, opportunities to fine-tune messaging, imagery, and overall campaign strategy can be identified. This process allows for optimization that ensures campaigns are on point. This means higher conversion rates, and ultimately, a significant boost in sales.

Visual and emotional guidance

Creative teams can be informed on how visual style and tone are perceived and what is most effective. This can include both art direction such as color schemes, imagery, and even font choices but also wording and storyline that resonates with the audience. This helps create a narrative that attracts attention and evokes the desired emotional response, which is crucial for memory retention and brand recall.

Don't just reach your audience, connect with them.

When marketing campaigns and efforts are more aligned with consumer expectations and preferences, they perform better in sales conversions, lead generation, and brand engagement metrics. Each of these directly contributes to a higher ROI, making the initial investment in consumer insights financially justifiable. 

With GetWhy, organizations can gather consumer insights within hours, not days, making it possible to pivot quickly and refine strategies and marketing efforts almost in near real-time.