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United States of America. France. Italy. Spain. Sweden. Denmark. Germany. United Kingdom.




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How does inspiration influence Gen Z’s purchasing behavior?

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We asked 80 Gen Z consumers across 8 different markets on what inspires them and drives their purchase behaviors both on a global and a local level. This is just a small sample and a glimpse into the insights gained. You can request access to unlock the full study with all 8 markets.


Trusted sources of inspiration
Gen Z consumers’ purchasing behavior is characterized by thorough research and cross-examination through trusted sources and channels before making a decision. As digital natives, they meticulously navigate from discovery to purchase, especially when the price point is significant. 


Across all markets, Gen Z values brands that align with their personal values, provide high-quality products, and engage in ethical practices. Product price, brand reputation, and sustainability are key factors in their buying decisions.

At the same time, differences in market impact factors are evident
In the UK, packaging and advertising significantly influence consumers, while in the USA, financial constraints inhibit purchases. In Germany, peer popularity matters, whereas in Spain, innovation and visual appeal are key. Italy finds nostalgia inspiring, while in France, product practicality is crucial.

France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK have the most conscious, skeptical, and brand-loyal customers, demanding high brand values and product quality. Conversely, US and Danish consumers exhibit less skepticism toward larger brands and major influencers.




Gen Z consumers view inspiration as derived from various sources such as social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Reddit), video games, podcasts, and personal introspection, which help them generate creative ideas, gain confidence, motivate self-improvement, and absorb diverse content easily.

Only scratching the surface

This is just a short section of the full study spanding across 8 markets with 80 participants. The findings of the study underline and confirm the importance of getting local perspectives on global initiatives as each market responds and reacts differently.

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“I think you can tell when an influencer is only talking about products to make some money, so it's nice to see their authenticity showing, that they're being honest with their message, they're not just trying to sell something."
23 years old, USA

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