Gathering qualitative insights at speed is a game-changer

Enhancing marketing returns through consumer-led TV and video commercials has become a game-changer for many of our top enterprise clients. Despite spending billions on commercial creation and activation, traditionally, consumer insights were only added at the final stages, often just before launch. This was mainly due to the slow pace of gathering qualitative insights, with the production process unable to wait 2–3 weeks for focus group feedback on storylines or early animatics. Not to mention the additional budget required for such research.
Now, this process has been fundamentally transformed. With the ability to get think-out-loud, video-based insights from consumers within hours or days instead of weeks, the entire dynamic has changed.

Turning savings into reinvestment

Our clients see an average cost savings of 75% by switching to GetWhy for consumer insights, compared to traditional methods. This substantial saving allows for reinvestment into the marketing budget, facilitating more frequent integration of consumer input into the creative development process.

Increasing consumer input equals higher returns.
In essence, with the same budget, these clients are now incorporating consumer feedback 2–3 times during the creation process rather than just once. This strategy, based on the belief that increased consumer input equals higher marketing returns, is proving to be a highly effective approach in today’s market.

In conclusion

The rapid integration of consumer-led insights into TV and video commercials is reshaping marketing dynamics. Real-time qualitative feedback, coupled with significant cost savings of 75%, enables clients to reinvest in more frequent consumer input during creative development. This shift, incorporating feedback 2–3 times instead of once, proves highly effective, affirming that swift qualitative insights are a game-changer in maximizing marketing returns.

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