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Understanding your consumers’ preferences to maximize your product reach through celebrity collaborations

Correctly positioning your product portfolio means thinking about your brand voice and who might best express that voice as a spokesperson or celebrity. Choosing a brand spokesperson requires staying authentic and quickly understanding what consumers expect from your brand based on your visual and brand language. Rapid insights enable you to make these decisions swiftly, ensuring your brand remains relevant and resonant with your target audience.

The Sports Drink Company aimed to maximize the positioning of their new sports drink prototype named Frost Fuel. To do so, the company sought to understand what male gym enthusiasts thought of the concept, including any habits or personality traits they thought the concept was communicating visually. The final goal was to define male gym enthusiasts’ ideal spokesperson to represent the new prototype.

To grasp how to tailor their next product for active consumers, they carried out an exploratory celebrity match study.

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Association with sports drinks and celebrity collaborations

The findings of the study showed a clear picture of the perception of the new Frost Fuel concept and the celebrity archetype they associated with it. The study entailed many insights, which can be viewed here. Some of the actionable insights can be found in the following.

Male gym enthusiasts mention muscular and athletic celebrities to represent the brand, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Henry Cavill, and Lewis Hamilton being at the forefront of their recommendations for their values of fitness, athleticism, and resilience.

Male gym enthusiasts believe that the prototype is targeted towards active individuals, particularly gymgoers and athletes who need hydration and are mindful of their calorie intake. This is emphasized by the prototype design with the inclusion of a strong man on the label.

The presence of a well-known athlete or celebrity does not significantly influence the male gym enthusiasts’ decision to try or buy Frost Fuel. Most prefer to make decisions based on personal research, taste, and the drink’s contents. However, some acknowledge that celebrity endorsement could enhance brand image and attract a younger demographic, even if it doesn’t personally sway them.

Wrapping up...

There are multiple takeaways from this test, but if we’d have to pick just one, it would be: the importance of tailoring your celebrity collaborations to consumer preferences and needs to maximize market reach and product fit. While there were clear trends that emerged regarding consumers’ needs for nutritional and regenerative benefits, the study also highlighted several different use cases.

If this company had been real, the Sports Drink company would after this test be equipped to adapt its sports drink marketing strategy across touchpoints and ensure a strong product-market fit.

“It sounds like it's geared more towards like bodybuilders and tough men, but it makes you wonder about women, and people just going in for a gentle cardio session or older people, it kind of almost feels like it's geared towards.”
28 years old, UK

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