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Tailoring brand collateral and communication to meet female consumer preferences

Over the past year, global circumstances have dramatically influenced consumer behavior and habits especially within the field of consumption.

The Sports Drink company aimed to introduce Power Blend, a new sports drink targeting female consumers. To ensure its success, the company sought to understand the factors driving their purchase decisions, their consumption habits, and their perceptions of the sports drink. The ultimate goal was to refine Power Blend’s branding to closely align with the preferences of their target audience.

To grasp how to tailor their brand for female customers, they carried out a concept validation study.

Audience & Recruitment
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10 people


United States of America





Impression of the sports drink and room for improvements

Findings from the study painted an image of a female consumer’s desire for an ideal sports beverage that not only met their physical needs but also connected with them emotionally. The study entailed many insights, which can be viewed here. Some of the actionable insights can be found in the following.

The sports drink is cherished for its natural components, reduced sugar content, and crucial electrolytes that aid in recovery. Those surveyed expressed a preference for flavors that are airy, imbued with fruity notes, and deliver a refreshing aftermath, perfect for the moments of relaxation following a workout.

Female consumers are guided by cost, flavor, and health advantages such as hydration and energy renewal. They are in pursuit of a harmonious blend that marries wellness with performance, a balance as delicate as it is essential.

Power Blend’s mixed berry flavor wins favor, but feedback points to a need for more adult-oriented packaging and detailed nutritional information. It’s valued for its versatility, serving as both a post-workout drink and a daily staple.

Wrapping up...

There are multiple takeaways from this test, but if we’d have to pick just one, it would be: the importance of adapting branding and communication strategy to ensure a strong product-market fit. Despite the packaging was perceived positively, the majority thought it was for children which adds significant risk of successful purchase as the sports drink is intended for adults. 

If this company had been real, the Sports Drink company would after this test be equipped to adapt its branding and communication strategy across touchpoints and ensure a strong product-market fit.

“I would change the packaging to make it more sophisticated, maybe change the brightness of the colors to draw your attention in more.”
25 years old

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