Public Security Declaration

The platform accessible through the domain name and the GetWhy A/S (hereinafter referred to as “us”, “we” or the “Company”) is a Danish entity with a registered address at Langebrogade 4, 1411 Copenhagen, Denmark. You may contact us by sending an email to

Information security policy statement

The future is human – and the future business is customer-centric. We take a customer-centric approach to everything we do, including our security policies, and we, therefore, understand how important data privacy and protection are to our customers. We trust the people we work with: our customers, employees and partners. With our security policies, we want to provide a clear set of guidelines and rules to make it easy for us to protect sensitive data in the interest of individuals and the companies that trust their data with us. Our application is built on a modern, scalable cloud infrastructure designed to ensure the safety of your data, and we have chosen proven third-party cloud providers with excellent track records and data centres in the EU. We ensure the safety and privacy of your data is backed into our everyday processes throughout our organisation. We do regular data backups and test recovery, run penetration tests, encrypt all data at rest and in transit, conduct static code analysis and vulnerability scanning, perform server hardening, audit trails, and many other cloud security techniques. Scroll down for information about specific security practices, read our privacy policy, support and availability agreement, and data processing agreement which also contains a list of third-party data sub-processors. Regarding this privacy policy or how we handle your data more generally, then please get in touch with us through

Product Security

Global access roles allow GetWhy admins to set role-based permission levels for each user account, and project-level access controls allow permission levels to be set for specific projects.

Secure passwords
GetWhy enforces a password complexity standard, and credentials are stored using BCrypt with unique salts.

Account verification for users
Users are required to validate their accounts via a link provided in an automated e-mail.

Permanent deletion
Users can delete projects and study data from GetWhy if they have the appropriate access rights. The platform has all the features necessary for users to delete data and be compliant with GDPR. When customers are conducting their own studies using the self-service platform, the customer is a data controller and must delete personal data from the platform according to the customer’s own data privacy policy. When GetWhy is conducting a study on behalf of a customer, GetWhy acts as a data controller, and personal data is protected and deleted according to our privacy policy.

High availability
We ensure high availability with automated and manual testing, production monitoring, logging and alerts, fast continuous deployments, and industry-standard cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure Security

Hosting and storage
GetWhy services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the EU.

Data is encrypted while moving between us and the browser with Transport Level Security (TLS). At Rest: Your data only resides in the production environment encrypted with AES-256. In Transit: Network communication uses TLS, and it is encrypted and authenticated.

Vulnerability scanning
GetWhy uses third-party security tools to scan for vulnerabilities. Our engineers respond to issues raised. We have no vulnerabilities on the OWASP Top 10.

Penetration testing
We perform independent third-party manual penetration testing at least once per year, and depending on the risk assessment also when we have bigger systems changes. Contact us for a copy of the latest report.

Backup policy
Our backup processes ensure data and information consistency with the highest standards. We use AWS backup solution for data stores that contain customer data. Data is automatically backed up every 15 minutes, and we keep daily backups for 14 days. On an application level, we store logs of activity on a centralised log solution based on AWS Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash. Logs are stored for up to 15 days.

Monitoring & incident response
Production alerts are captured and automatically escalated. Outside of office hours, our engineering team has a best-effort and escalation policy. Security and confidentiality incidents submitted to or our in-app support chat will be resolved in accordance with the established incident policy.

Logging & audit trail
We log every user action performed in the system with a full audit trail.

Continuous delivery
We have a state-of-the-art agile software development lifecycle methodology and change management procedures. Our deployment method requires no downtime for the application.


ISO 27001
GetWhy is compliant with the Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

We have completed the Vendor Security Alliance (VSA) Core self-assessment questionnaire, contact us for a copy.

The most recent penetration test reported no vulnerabilities on the OWASP Top 10.

SSL Labs score
“A+“ on their SSL Server test.

GDPR ready
GDPR is backed into our business processes, security policies and employee training. GDPR check is part of our risk assessment and internal audit. See our privacy policy.


Roles-based access
An employee’s level of access is determined by the role and follows the least privilege principle.

Secure access
GetWhy uses SSO, an enforced password policy, and VPN to ensure employees have secure access to the system.

Multi-factor authentication
We enforce this for all privileged access and on all critical systems.

Employee asset control
Our employees’ devices are monitored in real-time and have antivirus, disk encryption, and security patches via an active directory.

Employee training
All employees complete annual Security and Awareness training and Secure Development Practices.

All employee and contractor agreements include a confidentiality clause.

Our internal security policies cover a range of topics and are shared with all employees and contractors.

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