The Power of Cost

Cost-efficiency allows you to be consumer-led across every conversation and decision.

We believe in the power of cost.

The most important voice in your company should be the consumer’s voice. However, adopting a truly consumer-centric approach often turns into a debate over budgets and priorities. Historically, the high cost of consumer interviews has made it difficult to prioritize consumer perspectives.

With the introduction of our generative AI, we have reduced the number of cost heavy tasks, enabling us to do more for less. Clients who switch to GetWhy report an average of 75% cost reduction compared to traditional methods.

This significant decrease not only translates to budget savings but also, when reinvested in further research, can significantly impact the business.

Primarily, it allows for more frequent and in-depth qualitative research studies, enabling closer monitoring of changing consumer preferences and emerging trends. That’s one key ingredient for more agile and responsive businesses.

Moreover, lower costs offer the chance to expand the scope of research to include a wider range of consumer segments and geographies, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the market. It also opens opportunities to explore and understand cross segments and international markets, through nuanced feedback from potential consumers, leading to more effective global expansion strategies.

Lastly, gaining deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences enables you to better anticipate market changes and mitigate risks associated with product launches or new market entries.

In summary, a significant reduction in research costs empowers you to be truly consumer-centric and thus, more innovative and responsive. It enables you to make more informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and enhance your competitive edge.

The power of speed

Be relevant for your consumer and understand market trends and needs as they emerge and unfold. We have managed to speed up the process of qualitative research to as little as 4 hours, without losing the quality.

The power of empathy

Get a stronger bond with your consumer. Our video-based, think-out-loud format puts you directly in front of your audience, helping you understand what they want, so you can make them feel seen and heard by your brand.

The power of sharing

We know the true value of an insight only shines when it is brought to life. With this in mind, we built our insights to be consumed and shared in new and effective ways, making it easier than ever to distribute insights and empathy throughout your organization, so the voice of your consumer can live beyond the PowerPoint presentation.