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Play to Win: How EPOS Validated Its Brand Strategy for Global Success

With insights from its audience, EPOS learnt how its consumers perceived the brand, as well as what was required to place it as a top-of-mind gaming brand in their minds.


How can you make sure customers worldwide clearly understand what your brand stands for?

When EPOS entered the gaming scene, it knew effective branding was critical to success. The company wanted to be recognized as a premium, high-quality gaming brand in a market already saturated with established competitors and die-hard loyal customers. Therefore, it began a thorough (and expensive) branding campaign.

After 12 months of intense brand positioning, and with its products ready to ship in more than 160 markets, EPOS wanted to see if its message was resonating with customers worldwide.

That’s when it reached GetWhy to check the pulse of its brand awareness research among gamers.


GetWhy and EPOS began their collaboration by identifying the scope of their research. They identified the main objectives of their research, mapped the target audience, set the screening questions, and agreed on the structure of the study. This led to tailor-made customer research that matched the needs of the audio tech company.

Next, GetWhy recruited, screened and interviewed more than 80 participants from EPOS 3 biggest markets. After it analysed their feedback and aggregated them into actionable insights, GetWhy provided EPOS with concrete, customer-backed recommendations.


The insights were encouraging. EPOS was already perceived as a top-of-mind premium headset brand, thanks to the high quality of its audio products and its closeness with Sennheiser. In other words, the company had succeeded in its branding efforts, and it has the customer validation it needed to prove it.

However, gamers wanted more clarity on the business relationship between EPOS and Sennheiser. Furthermore, they also wanted the company to sponsor worldwide gaming events to increase its footprint as a gamer headset brand.


EPOS used the insights to refine its communication strategy, clarify its connection with Sennheiser, and place itself as an autonomous, fully-owned brand. It also began sponsoring multiple worldwide e-sports teams, as well as international gaming events like the FIFAe Finals 2022.

Today, EPOS has a strong presence on social media, with informative and engaging content that caters to the interests of the gaming community.

Thanks to GetWhy’s insights, EPOS was able to streamline its marketing focus and strengthen its brand image within the gaming community. The commitment to providing the best audio solutions for gamers has earned them a loyal fan base, and their brand awareness continues to grow.

EPOS has found its footing in the gaming industry, and it’s only up from here.

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