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Painting the Full Picture: How Jotun Explored Online Customer Behaviour

By experiencing its website from the customer’s perspective, Jotun identified and improved most of the elements users clicked on when seeking inspiration.


Jotun, the leading Norwegian paint manufacturer, wanted to understand how current and potential customers began their search and found inspiration online when looking for paint.

This study was particularly interesting for the company since Jotun’s website did not have an e-commerce function. Therefore, when consumers visited its website, they would look for inspiration, but would eventually have to move ‘offline’ to purchase their paint.


Jotun picked a custom-made version of GetWhy’s “Website” study, and let GetWhy recruit 10 B2C users from its well-established Swedish market and 10 B2C users from the UAE, a new market in full expansion.

The study asked participants to complete several tasks on Jotun’s website. The goal was to better understand how the website met users’ needs in terms of their ability to locate and select specific indoor and outdoor paints, as well as find a Jotun dealer.


The study revealed customers could perform all tasks with ease, and found the website visually appealing, easy to navigate and intuitive. However, they also wanted more e-commerce features – such as price comparison across dealers and the option to buy online, as well as additional customer stories, visuals and editorials for inspiration.


The company recognised its website had potential beyond being an inspirational hub. As a result, the digital team at Jotun received clear content directions from its customers, as well as the validation it needed to champion the company’s need for a website e-store.

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Kane Callaghan

Kane Callaghan

Insights Experience Director
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