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Recap - Qual360
Recap - Qual360
February 23, 2024

The value of bringing the voice of the customer to the organization

This year’s Qual360 conference in Berlin is in full swing and it’s been a great first day.

While still digesting and reflecting on the full-day program, I wanted to share some thoughts on a topic that has surfaced multiple times in many conversations during the day but also in multiple speeches.

At GetWhy, we call it The Power of Sharing and the essence is basically the ability to bring the voice of the consumer throughout the organization, being able to socialize the insights to ensure the company becomes truly consumer-led.

It was super inspiring listening to PJ De Queker, Consumer Research & Insights Director from Bose talking about “Shaping Qual research for maximum, company-wide impact” and how that has been a key strategy for Bose in the last couple of years, going from a product-led to a consumer-led strategy.

In essence, instead of focusing on the products, it became about the key listening moments for the consumer and how Bose can both fit into those moments and make them better for their customers.

I caught up with PJ after his speech and agreed to catch up later to share more of his learnings and story. However, here are some of the initial key takeaways I learned from his speech:

  • It requires C-level buy-in and understanding to truly invest in the immersion of the customer’s voice into the organization.
  • Think big, create, and implement company-wide initiatives that bring the voice of the customer to everyone –  from product engineering and marketing to finance and operations.
  • See the customer to understand and get empathy – hours and hours of video of the consumer were shared with the organization through different events and sessions.

No doubt that the last couple of years of work by the Bose Research and Insights team were instrumental in creating essential value in starting a transformative journey bringing Bose closer to their customers’ needs.

I am looking forward to learning more from PJ and being able to further share on this great case of bringing the voice of the customer to the organization.

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