The Sports Drink Company

We’ve seen it over and over again. Once our clients start integrating rapid qualitative consumer insights into their decision-making process, they unlock innovation that goes beyond what initially was thought possible. The methodology enables more responsive and optimized marketing spend, increased growth, and market shares across categories and markets. These fast-paced commercial conversations were not possible just a few years ago. We will share with you how you can do the same by using the same methodology to obtain what we consider to be the most rapid and powerful insights ever generated.

To better exemplify the value created, we introduce The Sports Drink Company, an imaginary company which has been created as a vessel for best practices created by our clients.

From capturing market demand spaces to spearheading consumer-led initiatives for social advertising and video commercials, our clients conduct a diverse array of studies. These studies illustrate how qualitative consumer insights can be seamlessly integrated into decision-making processes more quickly and more effectively than ever before.  

It’s our ambition with The Sports Drinks Company to inspire you to more often discover the “why” and unlock the true power of understanding how to unlock actionable value. By doing so, you empower your organization to become truly customer-centric and drive significant value and impact. 

Concept Validation
Tailoring brand collateral and communication to meet female consumer preferences
Concept Development
Tailoring your product prototype to fill market gaps
Concept Development
Tailoring your product offering to meet consumer needs and preferences
Celebrity Match
Understanding your consumers’ preferences to maximize your product reach through celebrity collaborations

How Does GetWhy Work?

At GetWhy, we have spent the past four years building a proprietary generative AI. The key to its success is a digitalized dataset of 250,000 qualitative sessions that we have conducted in the past 10 years. Want to learn more?