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Tailoring your product offering to meet consumer needs and preferences

Over the past year, consumer behavior and habits have dramatically changed, especially within the fields of self-care and consumption. These rapid changes have necessitated a swift and deep understanding of new consumer patterns to stay ahead in the market.

The Sports Drink company aimed to uncover the needs and preferences of active lifestyle consumers in the US in relation to sports drinks. To do so, the company sought to understand consumers’ perceptions and associations with sports drinks, the demand spaces capturing where and when they consume them, and to which activities they most frequently link them. The ultimate goal was to generate insight into consumer needs and expectations that would help build a new winning sports drink concept.

To grasp how to tailor their next product for active consumers, they carried out an exploratory core needs study.

Audience & Recruitment
No. of participants

10 people


United States of America




Female, Male

Association with sports drinks and unfulfilled needs

The findings of the study showed a clear picture of the ideal sports drinks for active consumers and the gap that currently exists in the market to fulfill this need. The study entailed many insights, which can be viewed here. Some of the actionable insights can be found in the following.

Participants define a good sports drink as one that provides a healthy balance of nutrients and hydration, without being too sugary. They associate the usage with exercise recovery and replenishing electrolytes and vitamins.

Participants typically consume sports drinks in the afternoon or evening to give them a boost of energy during physical activities or as a recovery drink after exercise. Some participants consume sports drinks in the morning to help with hangovers or as a midday energy boost.

Participants look for a good flavor and energy-providing profile in sports drinks, as well as to provide hydration, with some also mentioning vitamins and minerals. They also value good taste and low-calorie content. They want to see key features such as electrolytes, and the explanations of the science behind the promises on the label.

Wrapping up...

There are multiple takeaways from this test, but if we’d have to pick just one, it would be: the importance of adapting branding and communication strategy to ensure a strong product-market fit. Despite the packaging was perceived positively, the majority thought it was for children which adds significant risk of successful purchase as the sports drink is intended for adults. 

If this company had been real, the Sports Drink company would after this test be equipped to adapt its branding and communication strategy across touchpoints and ensure a strong product-market fit.

“I am looking for what it will give to me; will it give me electrolytes? Will it give me vitamins? I would look for what it provides to me and what's the taste, I think that's all I care about.”

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