The Power of Speed

We’re obsessed with increasing the agility and applicability of qualitative research. That’s why we’ve reduced time to insights to as little as 4 hours. This enables you to be more relevant to your consumers and to shape the future instead of merely measuring the past.

We believe in the power of speed.

The key driver for doing qualitative research has always been to get a better and deeper understanding of the consumer. However, qualitative studies require enormous amounts of work, both in finding and verifying the right participants and in conducting and facilitating the research. As a result of this time-consuming process, qualitative “why” data has become increasingly slow and expensive to come by.

But that’s all changed, because we’re now able to deliver best-in-class video-based qualitative insights faster than ever before and at scale. What used to take weeks or even months can be done in hours, all without losing quality.

This drastically changes the game of qualitative research. Insights professionals can now obtain insights fast and use them in stages of the development process that they couldn’t until now due to the lack of responsiveness.

This is crucial in an era of fast-moving consumer culture, where the need to be connected and understand consumer preferences, motivations, and pain points are is important than ever.

GetWhy enables you to rapidly craft qualified answers to challenging questions with an immediate impact on the consumer. You can bring the consumer into fast-paced conversations to make valid decisions as often and early as needed.

With our insights, you can focus on what’s right in front of you and understand market trends and consumer needs as they emerge and unfold, without worrying if the data is already outdated once you get your hands on it.

How to gain commercial value through increased consumer-led responsiveness?

The power of empathy

Get a stronger bond with your consumer. Our video-based, think-out-loud format puts you directly in front of your audience, helping you understand what they want, so you can make them feel seen and heard by your brand.

The power of cost

Bring your customers to the table and be consumer-led across every conversation and decision thanks to cost-efficiency. This not only lets you meet an increased demand for insights without the need for budget expansion, but also lets you reinvest in your marketing efforts.

The power of sharing

We know the true value of an insight only shines when it is brought to life. With this in mind, we built our insights to be consumed and shared in new and effective ways, making it easier than ever to distribute insights and empathy throughout your organization, so the voice of your consumer can live beyond the PowerPoint presentation.